RegCure Pro Review

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Rating: 3.9 / 5

The Benefits of RegCure Pro:

  • Fast and effective
  • Multi-tiered register cleaner
  • Boosts computer performance
  • High quality performance
  • Removes Malware
  • Updates device drivers

The Negatives of RegCure Pro:

  • Not the fastest registry cleaner we have tested
  • It’s not free

Your computer’s windows registry runs the show. It is the driving force behind your applications, files, and operating system. When it is bogged down with files, viruses, or spyware you will often notice that your computer will begin to run slowly, freeze, or constantly restart. These are symptoms that your computer needs a registry cleaning. Fortunately you have the option of RegCure Pro, a registry cleaner that offers more to the PC than simply cleaning your windows registry. It will boost your computer’s performance so that it runs faster and more effectively. It will also clear up precious space on your hard drive so you have more room for the files that you want to keep!

If you are interested in one of the best registry cleaners that does so much more than just “clean your computer’s registry”, read on and find out the true benefits of RegCure Pro.

Why You Need a Registry Cleaner?

Chances are you have malicious or harmful files on your computer’s hard drive right now. These files can cause irreparable damage to your computer if not found and eliminated right away. In fact, your computer may not even show any symptoms of these bugs until irreversible damage has been done. Therefore, it is important to have a windows registry cleaner scan your computer periodically to catch these files before they become a problem.

But don’t worry, a great windows registry cleaner such as RegCure Pro can help you fix your problems even if symptoms are present. If your computer is freezing or running slow, RegCure could get it up and running good as new! It is important for regular maintenance of your computer, and scheduling periodic system scans is a great way to keep you computer healthy, so that it has a longer life. And since it is one of the leading registry cleaners on the market, you can rest assured that it works!

Fast and Effective

RegCure Pro can work even on the slowest computers operating systems. Even if you have never run a windows registry cleaner, it is sure to help you clean up your hard drive so that you are able to get the most of your computer. Running RegCure Pro is simple; all of the tools are located in a centralized window where you can start a scan and monitor its progress. There is no need to search all over your computer for different features  simply click on the icon on your desktop after installing the program. RegCure Pro will then scan through hundreds, even thousands, of files, entries, and other data on your hard drive and eliminate any malicious files or entries it finds. Even a computer containing thousands of files is finished in a short time, letting you get on with your day. After a scan, you will notice that you computer is running faster and a boost in its processing.

Compared to other registry cleaners on the market today, RegCure is known for its thorough scan, ease of use, and speed. It is not an ordinary registry cleaner making bogus claims that it will improve your computer’s performance. Instead, it is known to find more errors in less time than other windows registry cleaners out there. With both speed and effectiveness on its side, RegCure Pro is no match for errors, viruses, or spyware on your computer. That is why more people go with RegCure Pro.

A Multi-Tiered Approach

RegCure Pro is effective because it uses a multi-tier approach to cleaning up your PC and its windows registry. It uses four different filters to scan your computer, which ensure that your computer is as secure as possible. It scans your registry for errors, corrupt entries, and missing files. But that’s not all. It also scans for malware, spyware, junk files, and other files that can sit on your hard drive and cause it to run slow or crash. RegCure Pro is simply the most thorough and effective registry cleaner on the market.

Boosts PC Performance

If your computer is running slow, you are not optimizing the power of your computer. With the help of RegCure Pro, you can begin to see your computer running fast, with processing power like never before. Even the beginning computer user can use RegCure Pro to their advantage. With its one-click scan you can be through your scan in no time and be able to sit back and enjoy the benefits of a powerful PC once again.

You could throw hundreds, even thousands, or dollars away on expensive repairs or a new computer; or you can go with the simple and effective RegCure Pro, which will save your computer and have it running like new!

Powerful Tools

RegCure Pro also offers extra tools and resources that will give your computer a boost in performance and speed. Use the disk defragmenter to optimize disk space on your hard drive and make your computer run even faster and more efficiently. You also have tools like a startup manager, file extension manager, and much more. All of these tools are accessed through RegCure’s beautiful and colorful interface that makes it enjoyable and easy to run these applications. Anyone can use and operate this program—from the technical savvy to the novice.

The Bottom Line

RegCure Pro is the smart, affordable option to high repair bills and buying a new computer. Plus you do not have to run the risk of losing files that you want to keep if you computer crashes. You may have precious videos, photos, and other files that are irreplaceable on your hard drive. Protect your investments and your valuables with a simple purchase of this ultimate Windows optimizer.

RegCure Pro will have you computer running like new! You will be amazed with the boost of speed and performance that a simple scan can do for your computer. Do not wait another day risking the health of your PC, download a free trial today.

RegCure Pro Review, 3.9 out of 5 based on 13 ratings


  1. J. Paul

    This software was very good for speeding up my computer without much difficulty, it helped in removing unwanted and junk files and found/deleted 2 viruses I didn’t even know I had (Norton missed them).

  2. Goerge M.

    Reg cure pro is the best thing to have to minimize the risk of loosing files.It gives extra tools and performances and make our computer run faster.It is very much effective and helps us with our computer problems if any symptoms arises.It is ideal for our modern generation.

    • PinkAngel

      Reg cure pro is an effective software to keep our laptops and computer free from malware as well as keep it up and running in good condition. If we keep this software than our files will be protected, our computer will be always be up to date. It is an ideal software for the viruses and Malware.

  3. Emptyweb

    After using the same operating system in our computer most probably it is much slower than the beginning. So, this kind of software is very helpful to speed up our machine that we desire. On the other hand, it have many features that means many in one. For this reason, I think RegCure Pro is a fully supported software.

  4. Beverly Davenport

    My computer is slow and it might be from a virus? If I install this how do I know the problem will be taken car of? I really don’t want to be without my computer as I NEED it for school. Will I lose my important files?

  5. SUMON

    I am currently using Regcure Pro on my pc. I begun using it a few months ago when I found my pc is not working slow. Then I started using it and now the problem is solved. It occurs to me that Regcure Pro software is the best of its kind in the software market. I recommend others using it.

  6. Rahul

    I have used many registry cleaners in the past. But Regcure Pro is very good to fix any registry problems in the pc. It is fast and effective as well as it removes malware. It also updates drivers in our pc. The result is faster performance of the pc. Recommended for anyone to use this.

  7. Ajit Singh

    It’s good to have a nice cure like this for our computers now days. It is best registry cleaner rather than other cleaners. I request to make it freely available or at cheap costs which would be good for every peoples.

  8. Gary Friedel

    I have used the standard version of RegCure for several years and have been quite satisfied with it. Recently I upgraded to the “Pro” version.
    Unfortunately the Pro version makes changes to default computer settings, undocks shortcuts that are pinned to the taskbar and clears out history and temporary folders, including website data that you may want to retain. There are settings that deal with some, but not all of these.
    I removed the “Pro” version and went back to the standard one.
    Unfortunately there is no online comparison of the two versions that a purchaser could use before selecting the most suitable one. It could save a lot of annoyance if you had this information before installing one or the other.

  9. Major Inch

    In a Reviewed by Editors in February 05, 2011 RegCure did a very good job of finding the known problems the first time around and performed admirably, it did great in both the speed department and when it comes to finding problems that other software left out. After inserting 180 registry errors into a freshly installed copy of Windows 7, it found all but 11. After removing the 169 errors – adding the 180 errors again – scanning the registry once more, it came up with zero errors. The unfortunate part was that the RegCure Pro registry repair engine was unable to find the same registry error twice. I have Windows 8 and I’m getting ready to purchase a program, has this problem been solved? If it has I’m sold.

    • admin

      We didn’t see anything like this in our extensive testing. You might have been using an earlier version than what we did for our testing (Version 3.1.5)

  10. Dorothy Kaytor

    Hello…When I searched on Google for a solution to correct error message 4450 which relates to my DVD burner not working well, RegCure came up along side of the error number. I have two responses:
    1) it has not made a difference to the operation of my DVD burner
    2) the company you use for payment, safecart, includes enrollment in an automatic renewal service which I do not want. The Pareto logic receipt on behalf of RegCure directs users to the safecart website to cancel the automatic renewal. However, I have been unable to cancel and their HELP service is not helpful directing me back to Pareto. I think you should know of these difficulties.

    • admin

      Dorothy, sorry to hear you are having issues with this program. Unfortunately, the program isn’t ours to make changes to (We are just a team of software reviewers). If you are looking for support for RegCure Pro, here is a better link:
      In our experience (and testing) Paretologic the makers or Regcure Pro are quick to reply and help solve issues with their software.

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